2021 TOY Standing

TEAMMuskrat LakeGolden LakeOttawa RiverRound LakeClear LakeTotal
A. Pilgram and J. Luloff21.0819.7911.5120.8524.6997.92
T. Surette and J. Doucette18.6720.1910.4615.4521.7386.5
J. Barker and D. Madore16.4616.5615.3316.5417.4982.38
R. Weatherall and D. Schori8.4214.6513.5320.1921.8178.6
S. Leach and J. Gauthier13.6715.912.616.2719.8278.26
K. Paterson and J. McIver15.0717.1113.1414.3816.476.1
R. Martin and S. Martin13.7219.5211.614.9215.8575.61
B. Hummel and T. Hummel11.9717.8513.3518.511.1272.79
A. Wierzbicki and T. Ashick9.9517.2517.5814.5913.2672.63
J. Simiana and J. Simiana13.2212.1216.511.9218.1171.87
T. Turcotte and D. Rhodes12.3211.210.7213.5718.1165.92
K. Koldesk and T. Mann’s12.4314.5211.3115.2212.2465.72
J. Vanhoof and M. Boisclair9.5715.2315.2215.16055.18
J. Shank and Swamper15.319.68015.3114.0154.31
B. Loback and J. Loback14.3712.929.816.11053.2
K. Zomers and C. Zomers14.3712.929.9816.3812.2452.98
R. Kirouac and J. West014.8615.316.5314.7251.42
D. Tackney and C. Tackney9.9210.4210.217.319.3147.17
J. Felhaber and S. Visutski12.6717.72014.14044.53
S. Raymond and P. Labre012.7910.0513.526.8843.88
T. Quinton and H. Quinton7.72015.5513.95036.92